Painting In New Hampshire!

Much has changed over the past 14 months! We have moved from the majestic Rockies of Montana to the beautiful Granite State, New Hampshire. Located 30 minutes from the seacoast and 90 minutes from the White Mountains, our new locale has blessed me with an abundance of incredibly inspirational painting subjects. I am also part of a plein air group that paints weekly, a great bunch of like-minded souls.

In the past 8 months I have plein air painted the salty surf of the Marginal Way in Oqunquit, Maine, the purples and greens of lupines at Sugar Hill (in rain), colorful fall gardens overlooking Mt. Monadnock, snow on Squam Lake (at 27 degrees), summer view of Mount Washington, marshes in Essex, MA, as well as the quintessential lighthouse, Nubble Light in York, Maine. Plein air painting, painting outdoors in natural light, is extremely challenging due to constantly changing light and the elements but immensely rewarding. Plein air painting is a necessity for any landscape artist as it allows them to see the view in full natural light.

Painting in the out of doors also helps your skill set when back inside the studio. For example, when outside you see colors and shadows as they actually are in 3 dimensions. The shadows are much more detailed. When I take a photo of the scene to finish indoors, I often notice that colors may appear brighter or even duller or more washed out than they actually were in reality. That is why taking your own photos and painting from them is so important. You were there, and saw it all firsthand. You can recall how the colors appeared.

My 1st ever painting studio, a space over our garage, is bright, light filled with windows facing north and west. Birds continue to be a favorite studio subject.

Thank you to the collectors that have purchased my works, some not for themselves, but to bring others joy. That makes me happy and is why I paint!

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